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Duty-Voltage Converter – proportional PWM to analog signal converter

Part no.: ART15771
The Duty-Voltage Converter is used to proportionally convert the PWM signal to a voltage. The magnitude of the output voltage depends on the supply voltage of the product. Its use is mainly where we need to dim a product that supports dimming only using an analog signal in the range of the supply voltage. It is developed specifically for aircraft panel displays, but other uses are not excluded. The product is inserted between the dimmer and the dimmed device

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Basic specifications

Technical parameters

  • Power supply: 9 ÷ 30 VDC
  • Current consumption: 10mA
  • INPUT: 1 x PWM positive
  • OUTPUT: 1 x analog voltage
  • Output swing: 0 ÷ VCC
  • PWM frequency: 100Hz ÷ 1kHz
  • Conversion time: max. 400ms
  • The device is resistant to reverse polarity and overvoltage of the power supply.
  • Short output protection.
  • Build PTC fuse: 50mA
  • Dimension: 41×44,5×27,5 mm
  • Weight: 30 g

Marking of conductors

VCC YELLOW Power supply +
GND BLACK Power supply –
ANO ORANGE  Analog voltage output


With its small size of 41×44,5×27,5 mm and special shape, the product is ideal for installation in a UL aircraft. It is mounted either on the surface or can be recessed into the board. Fixing is done with screw sizes up to 3 mm. The electrical connection is made by a protruding colored cable harness.

More information

This product is not approved for installation in certified aircraft. This is not a TSO certified product.