LED indicator light for panel mounting

LED Indicator Light

The LED indicator light is mainly intended for use in combination with the Multidimmer product (PWM splitter), which is used for dimming the indicator lights of devices that do not have a dimming input. The signaling output of this device is connected to the one control input of the multidimmer and we connect the signaling LED to the corresponding output of the multidimmer. It is also possible to connect the indicator light directly to devices that are not located on the dashboard and have an output (compatible with the signaling LED indicator) for an external indicator device. The polarity of the connection must be observed for the signal light. It is designed for systems with an onboard voltage of 12 VDC. The product is produced in signaling colors: red, green, orange and blue. The brightness of the colors is matched to each other as much as possible (within tolerance of parts). Installation of the LED indicator light is simple. It is necessary to first drill an 8 mm mounting hole in the panel. We pass through these opening wires, and we plug the free ends of the supply wires into the dashboard device. Finally, we insert the socket with the LED into the hole and push it to the panel.

Attention! When installing the indicator light, we only press on the LED socket! Do not pull the product by the wires! The LED could jump out of the socket, or the product could be damaged.


10.999.08 - 9.08 ex. VAT


Basic specifications

Device mechanical parameters

  • Length: 26 mm
  • Diameter: 9,5 mm
  • Mounting hole: ⌀ 8 mm
  • Weight: 6,5 g
  • Cable cross-section: 0,34 mm² (22AWG)
  • Cable length: 50 cm (for a large number, the lengths can be adjusted to order)

Electrical parameters

  • Power supply VCC: 9min/12 typ/15max/VDC (pay attention to the correct polarity connection!)
  • Color and consumption
    Red (*645 nm): 7min/10,2 typ/14max/mA
    Green (*572 nm): 11min/14,5 typ/19max/mA
    Orange (*610 nm): 2min/3,6typ/5max/mA
    Blue(*465 nm): 0,5min/1,4typ/2max/mA
  • PWM dimmable: YES
  • Brightness LED (approx.) ***: *for supply 12 V
    Red: 15typ/mcd/± 20 %
    Green: 100typ/mcd/± 20 %
    Orange: 150typ/mcd/± 20 %
    Blue: 7typ/mcd/± 20 %
  • LED ballast resistor: YES** (built into the product)