Accessories for controlling the mechanical parts of the aircraft

PI1A position indicator

Part no.: ART16399
The PI1A position indicator product is intended for indicating the position of the trim servo, flaps and other equipment of UL aircraft, which transmits this position using a 3-wire potentiometer. It has a dimming input that behaves according to the relevant product variant. The PI1A variant has a continuous brightness control in the range of 5..100%. When dimming is off (DIM=GND or not connected), the product automatically switches to full brightness. The product recognizes 9 working positions and is also able to indicate fault conditions of position measurement (dropped, shorted wire). Horizontal or vertical positions can be used for signaling. Therefore, both label variants are supplied with the product. The subject of the order is one piece of the position indicator product.

Within 3 weeks

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Basic specifications

Technical parameters

  • Supply voltage: 10 ÷ 30 VDC
  • Consumption: 50mW
  • Brightness control: smooth 5 ÷ 100%
  • PWM lost: bright set to 100%
  • PWM dimming signal: 4.5 ÷ 30 V (positive)
  • Smooth regulation brightness. If PWM is OFF then out is 100%.
  • Supported position sensor: 5 kOhm or 10 kOhm
  • Weight: 20 g
  • Dimensions: 44×20×35 mm

Marking of conductors

BLACK – GND Power supply (negative)
RED V+ Power supply (positive)
ORANGE – TRIM_VCC Position sensor supply (+)
ZELENÁ – TRIM_IN Position sensor feedback signal
BLUE – TRIM_GND Position sensor supply (-)
WHITE – DIM Dimming input


The product is mounted in a prepared rectangle hole of 34.4 x 15.4 mm and two holes with a diameter of 3 mm in the dashboard of the aircraft. Wires are first connected through this rectangle hole, and then the product is inserted into the given hole and locked with a pair of screws. Finally, the respective desired label (horizontal/vertical) is stuck on the front panel.

More information

This product is not approved for installation in certified aircraft. This is not a TSO certified product.