Accessories for controlling exterior lights

WIG-WAG relay switch

The WIG-WAG RELAY SWITCH is a product designed for alternating turn on/off the left and right reflectors, which is mainly used during aircraft landing. The time interval for turning on/off of one side is approximately 720 msec, i.e. the repetition period is 1.4 s. The product has two electrical circuits. One circuit (thinner wires used) feeds the control electronics of the power element and the other, with thicker wires, serves to connect the lights just mentioned. It contains 3 wires. One common (+) and two output wires leading to the left and right lights. The product can withstand up to 3 A at its peak. The product can be combined with the Landing Star T reflectors of our sortiment, which do not have an integrated WIG-WAG function. Use with other reflectors is also not excluded.

83.4997.4369.00 - 80.52 ex. VAT


Basic specifications

Technical parameters

  • Power supply: 9–15 V
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Consumption: 100–500 mW
  • Switching current: 0.1mA – 2 (3) A
  • Electrical lifetime of the switch: 100,000 cycles
  • Timing: 720/720 ms
  • Dimensions: 40.2×43.5×27 mm
  • Weight: 50 g

Marking of conductors

BLUE – GND negative power supply
RED – +12V positive power supply
BLACK – COM (+12V) common relay input
YELLOW – OUT L output+ left light
WHITE – OUT R output+ right light


With its small size of 40.2 × 43.5 × 27 mm and special shape, the product is ideal for installation in a UL aircraft. It is mounted either on the surface or can be recessed into the board. Fixing is done with screw sizes up to 3 mm. The electrical connection is made by a protruding colored cable harness.

More information

This product is not approved for installation in certified aircraft. This is not a TSO certified product.