Accessories for controlling the mechanical parts of the aircraft

CTRD2 – Single channel servo driver the trimming of the aileron or pitch

CT Relay Deck Power is a product designed to control the trim of the aileron and pitch of the aircraft. It is inserted into the circuit between the buttons (on the stick) and the servos. Pressing the appropriate button on the stick will activate the CTRD2 unit and this will supply power to the servo in the desired polarity. The servo starts to move with the trim wings. When the button is released, the process stops. Trimming is mainly used to increase the comfort of controlling the aircraft (e.g. in wind…). The product controls only one channel. This means that it can be used separately only for one trimming system. To control both (aileron and pitch), it is necessary to install products twice or use product CTRD4. The CTRD2 product supports the possibility of connecting a servo speed controller.

66.7955.20 - 55.20 ex. VAT


Basic specifications

Technical parameters

  • Supply voltage: 12/24 V
  • Power consumption: 0–0.65 W (typ. 0.2 W)
  • A separate power supply wire for relays and control signals (GND common)
  • Switching voltage: 5–30 V
  • Switching current: 10 µA – 2 A
  • Switched power: max. 30 W
  • Number of channels: 1
  • The possibility of connecting a servo speed regulator
  • Electrical life of the switch: 500 thousand cycles
  • Protection against reverse polarity and spikes when the relay is turned off
  • Weight: 39 g
  • Dimensions: 41×44×27 mm

Marking of conductors

BLACK – GND male
GREEN – SERVO_2 female
BROWN – SERVO_1 female
RED – +VCC male


With its small size of 40.2 × 43.5 × 27 mm and special shape, the product is ideal for installation in a UL aircraft. It is mounted either on the surface or can be recessed into the board. Fixing is done with screw sizes up to 3 mm. The electrical connection is made by a protruding colored cable harness.

More information

This product is not approved for installation in certified aircraft. This is not a TSO certified product.