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Multi-channel dimmer – Multidimmer

Part no.: ART15246
The MULTIDIMMER device is designed to regulate the brightness of LED indicator diodes connected externally to aircraft instruments, the output of which does not have the option of dimming this LED indicator diode but has only the off and on states. The MULTIDIMMER product is inserted between the output of the indicating device and the LED itself (hence the intermediate dimmer). The dimming signal is taken from an external PWM dimmer (e.g. doubledimmer).

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Basic specifications

Technical parameters

  • Power supply: 9.5 ÷ 15 VDC
  • The device is resistant to reverse polarity of the supply voltage
  • Current consumption: 8 mA
  • 1× PWM input
  • 12× on/off input
  • 12× PWM Output (1 channel negative PWM, 11 channels positive PWM)
  • 1x TEST input
  • Dimensions: 199×98×41 mm
  • Weight: 220 g

Marking of conductors

VIN Supply voltage source +
GND Supply voltage source –
PWM External PWM input
EG Input for activating all outputs
EN1–EN12 Channel control input
OUT1–OUT12 Channel output


The product is fixed using 4 screws up to 4 mm in size. The box is placed on the surface. The original line to the LED indicators must be interrupted and the multidimmer must be inserted into this path. The indication output of the device is connected to the EN input of the multidimmer and the LED indicator is connected to the OUT output. Power supply is applied to the VCC and GND terminals. We will supply the PWM signal from the controllable dimmer (doubledimmer) to the PWM terminal. We leave the EG signal unconnected if we do not use the TEST function. In another case, we connect it to the switch to GND.

More information

This product is not approved for installation in certified aircraft. This is not a TSO certified product.